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Pull up a chair around the hearth and join in on the conversation. 

Here you will find resources on integrating your faith and your life, support as you navigate this life, and tools to show up as your best self.  

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Uncovering the truth of human nature and the vocation to marriage formation program

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I absolutely love the gap that this program fills--women who are seeking marriage and not engaged yet can often be forgotten or dismissed with a trite "You'll know when you meet the right one", or "All in God's time". We need to be reminded and empowered that there ARE things we can do in this state in life to move towards our goals.


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Check her out and give it a go! Laura Jean is incredible, a joy to work with, and ready to help! Reestablishing a firm grasp of your values is the best way to move forward with any challenging area of life with confidence and hope!

- Sydnie


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