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Life is a balance between a marathon and a sprint. We have to take things as they come and not burn ourselves out too fast, but at the same time life is short and we experience everyday just how short life is.

Figuring out what is essential in our lives is not only necessary but it is an urgent need. Who are we? How did we come about? What were we made for? To what are we going? All these questions are fundamental to our humanity and personhood. 

This is why I have created formation programs that dive into these questions in hopes that you too can receive this life giving formation that I am grateful to have received throughout my life. The older I get the more I realize how important truth is and how unimportant other things are. 

Being prepared isn't always about being ready, but about doing the work

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Uncovering the truth of human nature and the vocation to marriage formation program

flagship program


I absolutely love the gap that this program fills--women who are seeking marriage and not engaged yet can often be forgotten or dismissed with a trite "You'll know when you meet the right one", or "All in God's time". We need to be reminded and empowered that there ARE things we can do in this state in life to move towards our goals.


uncover truth this way 

The flagship program of The BLVED Collective. Made BLVED is a formation program for young people who believe they are called to be married one day; whether they know their future spouse yet or not!
An intellectual and practical formation program that is jam packed with goodness designed to make you fall in love, grow deeper in understanding, and be more prepared for marriage. Made BLVED is a program dedicated to helping you become the best individual you can be so that when the time comes you can seamlessly transition into being one with your spouse.

1:1 life formation coaching

My version of life coaching through a uniquely Catholic perspective. I truly believe that we are called to be integrated beings, meaning that we aren’t supposed to live separate lives from our faith. I believe that our faith should infiltrate and influence our daily lives. That is why I bring the spiritual into life coaching, because we can’t design a life that neglects our souls.

Life coaching is about the future and focusing on goals, coming up with a plan on how to get there, and overcoming obstacles on the way. As a certified life coach, I’d love to help you achieve your goals while keeping you rooted in what really matters.

goal setting intensives


Go at your own pace programs

Go at your own pace programs to dip your toes in

Ready for something but not as in depth as 1:1 formation? These mini programs are perfect for you! 

I built these out of a need that I saw in my community. I had a lot of questions about how to build a prayer life, or how to build a community around you. There is a real lack of connection in todays world. A lack of meaningful connection between those around us and our prayer lives are suffering. This is why I have created these mini programs to help you get your prayer life back on track and start building community today!

building community