You can expect to hear topics like:
- Life in the in-between 
- Relationships 
- Community
- Knowledge of self 
- Becoming saints

And many more! 

This is a place where we stop waiting to flourish, and learn to flourish exactly where we are- right in the in between

meet your


Laura Jean is the founder of The BLVED Collective and started the Dear BLVED podcast in 2021. Once Kelsey came on board they renamed it The Learning to Flourish Podcast.

Laura Jean loves ice cold coca cola, a fresh bowl of popcorn, learning, and growing in the truth

Kelsey Dannehl is a cosmetologist and business owner. She lives in Nebraska with her husband. 

Kelsey brings joy to everyone who encounters her. She loves listening to peoples stories in her chair, a comfy pair of sweats, and is a huge fan of retreats.